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Industry Links:




Minutes from past meetings:

ORB/OS PTF (MARS predecessor):


How to Write Mapping RFPs, Keith Duddy, DSTC

TeleManagement Forum - The Voice of the OSS Industry
Jim Warner TMF

Uniframe Component Meta Modeling Research, Carol Burt, 2AB

Mapping EDOC to Platforms
Anna Gerber, DSTC

DVM - An Architecture and Its Rational,
Drasko Sotirovski, Raytheon

Java and External Standards, Peter J. Walker, Sun

Extended Transactions Tutorial, Ian Robinson, IBM

Current RFIs, RFPs:

To find out the details or status of the current work in progress, please refer to either the OMG TC Work in Progress or the Technology Snapshot Page (for an overview.)

Vote Status:

Consult the OMG's Voting Page for the status of proposed MARS specifications.

White Papers:


Links to Adopted specifications:

Consult the OMG Specification Catalog for Middleware Specifications and Platform Specific Model (PSM) and Interface Specifications. The Catalog includes the complete set of OMG specifications. 


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